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Animal & Earth Guardians informs and educates people, exposes harmful and destructive actions, and attempts to affect policy and law at all levels of government
to protect Innocent Natural Animals, the Sacred Natural Earth and the important Natural Heritage of People.

From Hallowed to Holocaust

Animals are the ultimate Wonders of our Universe,
created from the elements of Mother Nature,
born in the union of Life and Consciousness,
cradled in a past Earthly Paradise, struggled and
evolved over millions of years to become
competent Living Beings.

Now, each day, billions of innocent and
defenseless Animals, natural and genetically
manipulated, experience pain, fear,
neglect, harassment, stress
in factory farms,
slaughter on roads, torture in laboratories,
merciless trapping and hunting, habitat
annihilation and world-wide Species
genocide, at the hands of humans.

- Keenan Seattle    


Natural Animals are amazing for their Beauty, Variety, Complexity and Ability, both physically and mentally. Advanced Animals are intelligent, emotional, curious, competent and respectful and are capable of tolerance, affection, grief, intuition and reason. Many Animals in groups display sophisticated social and inter-personal skills such as cooperation, strategy, reciprocation, compliance and altruism.

Natural Animals have self-worth and intrinsic value. They go to work every day determined to find food, protect their families and defend their homes and territories. They consciously make decisions, overcome challenges and persevere, showing a will to live and a spirit for life. All natural Animals have common and basic needs. Just like fish need water and birds need air, natural Animals need unhindered access to large and connected areas of the Sacred Earth, preserved in its Natural state, in order to find food, mate, raise their young and complete their very Essence of Being. Animals have the inherent right to live Naturally and Free.

Thousands of years ago our hominid ancestors slowly reached a threshold in biology and neurology. Bipedalism, dexterous hands and large brains allowed Homo Sapiens Sapiens (you and me) to intricately and extensively manipulate Nature, better control our destinies and achieve a high degree of intelligence and sapience.

But just how sapient are we when we selfishly, excessively and unnecessarily cause and allow pain, fear, injustice and indignity to innocent, defenceless and less intelligent beings, and destroy most of our one and only Sacred Natural Earth? These are ignorant and cowardly acts, and not acting in a significant way to stop the cruelty and destruction is complicity. Having respect and compassion are greater examples of intelligence and sapience than the ability to do mathematics or build cars.

Animals experience pain, fear, suffering, neglect, harassment, stress, hardship, thirst, hunger, fatigue, exhaustion, injury disease, aging and death. It's time we intelligent and sapient humans ACT to preserve our Sacred Earth and protect Innocent Animals.

Animal Species at Risk of Extinction in Saskatchewan



Badger Special Concern Lake Sturgeon Endangered
Woodland Caribou Threatened  Mountain Sucker Threatened
Barren-ground Caribou Threatened Bigmouth Buffalo Special Concern
Swift Fox Threatened  Western Silvery Minnow Threatened
Wolverine Special Concern Plains Minnow Threatened
Black-footed Ferret Extirpated   Shortjaw Cisco Threatened
Bison Threatened
Little Brown Myotis Endangered


Northern Myotis Endangered Great Plains Toad Special Concern
Ord's Kangaroo Rat Endangered Northern Leopard Frog Special Concern
Black-tailed Prairie Dog Threatened Barred Tiger Salamander Special Concern
Rusty Blackbird Special Concern
Loggerhead Shrike Threatened


Sage Thrasher Threatened Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer Threatened
Sprague's Pipit Threatened Bullsnake Special Concern
Canada Warbler Threatened Greater Short-horned Lizard Endangered
Olive-sided Flycatcher Threatened Prairie Rattlesnake Special Concern
Least Bittern Threatened
Red-headed Woodpecker Threatened


Western Grebe Special Concern Snapping Turtle Special Concern
Horned Grebe Special Concern    
Short-eared Owl Special Concern    
Burrowing Owl Endangered    


Ferruginous Hawk Endangered Greater Sage-Grouse Endangered
Chimney Swift Threatened Greater Prairie Chicken Endangered
Eastern Whip-poor-will Threatened Whooping Crane Endangered
Common Nighthawk Threatened Yellow Rail Special Concern
Piping Plover Endangered Chestnut-collared Longspur Threatened
Mountain Plover Endangered McCown's Longspur Threatened
Red Knot Endangered Baird's Sparrow Special Concern
Buff-breasted Sandpiper Special Concern Harris' Sparrow Special Concern
Long-billed Curlew Special Concern Evening Grosbeak Special Concern
Eskimo Curlew Endangered Barn Swallow Threatened
Red-necked Phalarope Special Concern Bobolink Threatened

Preserving our One and Only Beautiful and Sacred Natural Earth and protecting Amazing and Innocent Natural Animals from suffering
and extinction are our most important and urgent responsibilities and are the greatest gifts we can give to our children and to future generations.

From all the animals and all the children around the world.
Thank You!